Pigeon taxidermy textile taxidermy art commission
hare taxidermy rabbit taxidermy textile taxidermy art commission
rabbit taxidermy rabbit textile taxidermy art commission pet commission
Fox taxidermy Fox textile taxidermy taxidermy art commission

I am a 'Textile Taxidermist which means that my' artwork is about preserving the craftsmanship of  Antique laces, embroideries and haberdashery  as much as it is about the animal imagery. 
I am exhibiting a new collection of works based on a still life by the Dutch master Jan Fyt at  http://www.oneinthehouse.co.uk/  as part of the Brighton open house festival, details can be found here:  http://www.aoh.org.uk/home.
The show will be on from 2 nd May till 31 st May so if your in the area come and see new work and an exciting programme.

 Please contact me if you wish to commission or enquire about available works for sale or exhibition.

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